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        Sanitary pipe and valve series
        Pump and high speed emulsifying
        Manhole cover and beer equipment
        Sanitary filtration equipment series
        Sanitary stainless storage tank series
        Industrial pipe and valve series
        Batch mixer
        Salad dressing mixer
        Magetic mixer
        High shear powed mixer
        Emulsifying pump - Sanitary pump series
        Rotary lobe pump - Sanitary pump series
        Twin screw pump -Sanitary pump serie
        Double direction jacket mixing tank
        CIP Cleaning tank
        Chocolate Mixing Tank
        About L&B
        WENZHOU L&B FLUID EQUIPMENT CO.,LTD (the former name SIFANG Machinery F actory) is found in 1995. the company become a modernized Enterprise which have design, exploitation, manufacturing, project, equipment and technology, Wenzhou L&B Fluid Equipment co., Ltd lies in Wenzhou Binhai Industrial zone of Chinese Valve , and have a large scale for machine equipment and exporting & importing right now. We are a leading enterprise in high-precision hygiene grad valves, pipe fitting and pump and tank. .... ...   >>More
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        E-mail: cn@cn-gg.com
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