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        ZEE’s own products and systems as well as the best picks from reliable partners in traffic industry allow us to offer one-stop system solutions that really meet your project demand.

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          Project study


          System design


          System integration


          Installation instruction


          System maintenance


          Traffic Light System

        ZEE has the ability of independent research and development, we will accompany you to grow.


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        Compliance with relevant norms and produced by quality material, all ZEE traffic signal light groups are provided long term maintenance service.

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          IP66 Ingress Protection

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          Certificate: EN12368 and CE

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          3 Year Warranty

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        About ZEE夫妻群p

        ZhongJing Electric Engineering Co., Ltd. (ZEE) was founded in 2014 but with more than 10 years of Traffic Light industry experience,  a profound background in international business and specializes in LED Traffic Light technologies.

        ZEE offers a wide-variety of Traffic Light and Service forms to meet the needs of our customers. You can not only choose from our finished products but also request to customize according to the customer demand.



          Professional product design in optics, electronics and construction, and certificated by EN12368 and CE



          Own multiple traffic product lines as well as best picks from reliable partners allow to offer one-stop system solutions to meet your project demand



          Develop tailor-made product according to your demand in short term based on Professional design team and fast-speed production



          Arrange installation training and after-sales maintenance in local if necessary


        Quality products are contributed to excellent designs, advanced production technology and strict quality management system. According to statistics, 60% failure is due to unreasonable design under development. Components of construction, optics and electronics are the core of LED traffic light, what will decide the level of quality. With years’ expertise in traffic industry, ZEE engineer team always focus on these three parts and bring clients better products with innovative technology and higher performance.

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          Optimal construction with UV-resistant material and IP66 protection design brings top performance and module design offers operator easier installation and maintenance.

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          Fully considering innovative LED distribution and traffic signal standards, professional optics design creates better uniform signal and guarantee road users safety.

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          LED driver with brand electronics components and reasonable constant-voltage circuit design brings stable and high efficient products.


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